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April 27, 2017

My mom took these photos for me while we were waiting for our food at Lago in Bellagio.  As you can see in the photos below, the first one was before the food came and the next two were after I got the yummy branzino (my fav fish)!  I have to be honest and say that my mom isn’t the best photographer but using the iPhone’s portrait mode feature makes everything look 1000x better and so much more professional!  Scroll down to see the images and for details on what I’m wearing!

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Grand Canyon

April 23, 2017

Even though it looks like I went hiking, I actually took a helicopter! LOL.  This was at the Grand Canyon and our family did the Grand Canyon Tour with Maverick Helicopters!  The view was spectacular and I wore my favorite workout gear to snap some pics!

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What I Did in Vegas

April 20, 2017

One of the most vibrant and electrifying cities, Vegas is the perfect destination to escape from reality and immerse yourself in a world filled with slot machines, buffets, fountain displays, shows, and lounges!  Because I’m only 19, I didn’t do much gambling or blackjack… But keep scrolling to see what I did do, where I stayed, the places I dined at, and the shows I watched!

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Off the Shoulder

April 17, 2017

This outfit was shot at the Bellagio in Vegas and the weather was so perfect!  It wasn’t too hot or too cold so I wore a pair of shorts with an off the shoulder top! I love this top because its not boring at all and has an the envelope-like shape.  The top folds over and has a fitted silhouette that is really flattering!  But the best part has to be the sunglasses!  I had just bought them earlier that morning from Fendi and they are to die for!  I love the oversized, thin red frames and the white bubbly embellishments around the sides make them so unique!

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