A high fashion and lifestyle blog by Jaime Xie.

Hi guys,
Thank you for visiting my website and for all your support on Instagram. My name is Jaime Xie and I am from a small town near San Francisco called Atherton. Growing up, I attended a lower and middle school with uniforms. I remember always looking forward to the “free-dress” days and planning out outfits days in advance. Whenever I finished homework, I headed straight to the closet to play dress up. Since then, my love for fashion has only grown, leading to the start of my blog 2 years ago.

The photos I share and the content I create allow me to share with all of you my unique and versatile personal style. I don’t have one distinct style, and people often see me as a style chameleon. On some days I am urban and edgy while other days I am flirty and feminine. My goal is to inspire you with my style and high-fashion looks! Thank you again for reading my blog!

xx Jaime