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August 28, 2019


When I travel, I think about my outfits in advance and I try to pack similar color palettes that are versatile so I can easily mix-and-match pieces. For my trip to Venice, I selected lots of pinks and pastels for my clothes and accessories because I find them to be very appropriate in the summertime. This flirty dress from Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini had pastel lace tiers and a pointed asymmetrical hem that flowed beautifully. 

While walking through the narrow streets and over bridges, I carried around a Jacquemus hat that I ended up wearing later in the day when the sun came out. To be honest, this hat is not very practical at all because it doesn’t fit on your head properly-it really just sits on top of the head so it blows off very easily. 

But for me, fashion isn’t always practical or comfortable. I will make purchases based on what I love. Fashion is an art form and if I see it and I love it then I want it.  I think Jacquemus is genius and this hat is super chic and definitely made the outfit so I had no problem dealing with the struggles of keeping it on my head…😂

I was wearing:

Dress: Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

Bag: Valentino

Hat: Jacquemus

Shoes: Jacquemus

Earrings: Dior


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