Mixing Textures

March 10, 2019

I have a serious thing for mixing textures and prints. In my shoes and handbag collection, you’ll find many pieces that are just, well soft or fluffy. One of my favs is this pink mink fur Valentino sandals. I remember I loved them so much I bought this pink pair and the light blue one both last year but never got the chance to wear them. I knew I’d be going to Valentino at Paris Fashion Week so I made sure to plan an outfit with the pink one as I was packing!

I was actually a bit worried because it was raining the morning of the Valentino show and we all know that fur and rain do not mix well. Fortunately, by the time I had to leave for the show, it tapered off to a light drizzle so I was ok.

I decided to pair my Valentino sandals with a soft, velvet-y teal knit from Haider Ackermann and a pink asymmetrical satin skirt. I just adore this color combination; it’s the perfect balance of bold yet understated. Of course, satin, fur, and a velvet textured knit wasn’t enough so I grabbed my M2Malletier crushed velvet bag to complete the look!


Now let me fill you on some behind the scenes. I may look calm and collected in the photos but the truth is it was a bit of a frenzy before getting to the show. I was already running 15 mins late so I was in such a huge rush to get out of my hotel that I didn’t have a chance to steam out the wrinkles in my skirt. The whole time people were taking pictures of me, all I could think about is how horrible and wrinkled my skirt looked 🙈

A few of my pet peeves are clothes with wrinkles or lint on them and stray hairs when I pull my hair back. These may seem minor but they actually really irk me. Anyways, I hope these photos will inspire you to mix and match colors and textures from your own closet! 😊



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