Thanksgiving in Beverly Hills

November 26, 2016


This year my family and I spent Thanksgiving in Beverly Hills (a.k.a. one of my favorite cities!)  Although LA is only a 1 hour flight away, I never spend enough time down in beautiful SoCal!  Beverly Hills is my favorite place for 2 main reasons: 1) shopping  2) the atmosphere.  We stayed at the Montage Hotel which was perfect because it was only a 2 minute walk to Rodeo Drive!  Let’s be honest and just call Rodeo Drive the shopping heaven of California!  With a plethora of designer boutiques and department stores I spent all 3 days of my trip on Rodeo (besides Thanksgiving day because everything was closed!)  But that’s only part of the reason why I love it so much down there.  The lavish hotels, spectacular food, and roaring Ferrari’s are the other reason.  The entire vibe of Beverly Hills just screams “luxe” and that’s why I fell in love with the place.  Let’s just say that I went home with 1 extra suitcase filled with Dior, Versace, Chanel, Miu Miu, and a few too many things from Barney’s!  This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for everything that I have, especially my parents who are so generous, loving, and supportive in all aspects of my life.  Keep reading to find out more about how I spent my Thanksgiving holiday!  And please excuse the lack of photos as I was too excited about all the shopping and forgot to take photos (oops!)

Stay: Montage Hotel

My family and I stayed at the beautiful Montage Hotel during our trip to LA.  Everything from the extremely large pool and exquisite gardens to its close vicinity to Rodeo Drive and the exceptional service made this hotel perfect in nearly all aspects!

Shop: Rodeo Drive


Clearly the best place to shop in all of Beverly Hills, this was the street where you would find me during our 4 day stay in LA.  It was extra beautiful because all the Christmas decorations and lights were up and the weather was perfect as always.  I couldn’t resist the temptations from Dior especially and gave daddy’s card a workout.  Fortunately my mom also fell in love with the shopping there so we went home with way too many clothes and shoes!

Eat: 208 Rodeo


This is the restaurant I go to every time for lunch whenever I’m shopping at Rodeo.  Located right next to Tiffany’s and adjacent to Versace, this is a great spot to grab a bite after a morning of shopping!  With a large variety of fresh salads and mouthwatering entrees, it is the perfect place to fuel up before continuing you’re shopping ventures on Rodeo Drive!

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