Rainbow Cities Around the World

November 1, 2016

Havana, Cuba

If you love rainbows (everyone does!), you will fall head over heels for these stunning cities and towns that are basically physical versions of the beautiful weather phenomenon!  Just imagine yourself walking through the streets surrounded by vibrant man-made constructions that are a constant reminder of the rainbow!  After all, what could be better than living in a city filled with such magical colors?  All of these postcard-perfect regions are just waiting to be visited (and Instagrammed)!


Burano Island, Italy

The streets and canals of this beautiful island is lined with brightly painted buildings and boats!  This tradition was started by fisherman who painted their houses so they could see their homes while they were out fishing.


Wroclaw, Poland

The magnificently bright colors of the buildings in Wroclaw is, without a doubt, one of the most attractive parts of this city!  In addition to the colorful architecture, Wroclaw’s beautiful bridges and fine restaurants and cafes, make this splendid city a favorite among many tourists and locals!


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Walking down the streets of La Boca in Buenos Aires will give your eyes a visual treat! The houses are painted a wide slew of colors as though a box of crayons were used to carefully craft each exterior!


Palmitas, Mexico

The houses in this district of Mexico looks like a giant, abstract mural!  Muralists painted the facades of over 200 homes the hues of a bag of Skittles in an effort to change the image of the working class and bring them closer together!  From afar, the individual painted houses combine to form a mesmerizing, swirly rainbow!


Juzcar, Spain

A small and beautiful village in scenic Spain has been converted into a “smurf town” as part of a campaign to promote the famous Disney film!  Every single building is painted blue and some houses even have fun characters and scenes colored onto its facade!


Melbourne, Australia

The row of picturesque bathing boxes nestled along Brighton Beach are a wildly popular bayside icon in Melbourne!  Each of these colorful bathing boxes are individually decorated by its owner!


San Francisco, California

The tight, escalating formation of the “Painted Ladies” is one of the most popular rows of houses in the United States (yes, I had to add my city onto this list!)  Backdropped by stunning skyscrapers, these picturesque homes are no stranger to Instagram feeds!

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